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Career Services

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Brand Brainstorm Consultations

Rates starting at $150/hour

With a natural ability to create innovative projects, Winnie is offering client consultations to help you! Have a slight idea of a project you want to see be birthed but you don't know how to go about it? Winnie is here for you to make those ideas come to life. Consultations include:

- One on one telephone, virtual or in person brainstorm sessions

- Results driven custom strategies for your brand

- Current brand review and critical feedback

- 30 day follow up to make sure you are putting those ideas to action!

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast
Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Career Interview Prep

Rate at the low rate of $50 for 45 min!

You're looking for a job. Funds may be tight. We've all been there. This is the most affordable service specifically for that reason! Sign up for a Career Interview Prep to get you a step closer to getting that job and remove the butterflies beforehand! Winnie has been successful on both sides of the interview experience. With a background in Communications and Blogging, Winnie can prep you for questions the interviewer may ask you! And also with a successful track record of landing great opportunities after being a great interviewee, Winnie can ensure best results for you, while being empathetic to any fears, anxiety, and more!

Resume Revamp

Rates starting at $59.99

Looking to enhance your résumé? Allow me to help you! With over 10 years of experience, we can certainly turn your résumé into the best you've ever seen. 
Also do you have more than one field of expertise? 
No worries!

With this package, we will expand your résumé 2-3 different ways so you will have options when seeking your dream career!

Once purchased you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your career consultation!


Winnie did an amazing job fixing my resume. It's cute and simple but gets to the point. Winnie made sure my resume was to my liking before sending the final draft. She offers quick and efficient services and her prices aren't bad either. If anyone is looking for a little pizazz added to their resume I definitely recommend Winnie. She did her thing!

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